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Junco hyemalis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Dark-Eyed Junco
Family: Passerellidae


© Lyle Grisedale     (Photo ID #37235)



Five subspecies are present in BC:

Junco hyemalis hyemalis
Junco hyemalis.cismontanus
Junco hyemalis oreganus
Junco hyemalis montanus
Junco hyemalis caniceps

Dark-eyed [Gray-headed] Junco (Junco hyemalis caniceps)

This is the subspecies of Dark-eyed Junco that inhabits the mountains of the southwestern United States, but it is an extremely rare vagrant north and west from its normal breeding range. This subspecies could also be expected as a vagrant in the southern interior of the province, although it has yet to be recorded from that area.

1.(1) adult; November 8-10, 1975; Little Qualicum River estuary, Vancouver Island

Note Authors: Rick Toochin and Jamie Fenneman

Status Information

Origin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
NativeS5YellowNot Listed

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