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Pinnixa schmitti Rathbun, 1918
Schmitt's Pea Crab
Family: Pinnotheridae

Species account author: Josephine Hart.
Extracted from Crabs and their relatives of British Columbia.
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Distribution of Pinnixa schmitti in British Columbia
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Species Information

Carapace hard, smooth, about twice as wide as long and with a granular ridge on anterior lateral margins. Chelipeds of adult male robust; palm with a few granules; short fingers with small or no teeth. Chelipeds of female and immature male slender; palm granulate; fingers subequal cutting surfaces with small teeth and tips crossed. 3rd walking leg relatively stout and long, setose with granular margins on merus and propodus. Other walking legs slender and setose; dactyl slightly curved. Abdomen of male with a semicircular telson.


Carapace: male 5.5 x 10 mm, female 6.8 x 12.5 mm.


Colour often masked by muddy setae or stained by rust or sulphurous mud. In recently moulted specimens the carapace and dorsal surfaces of walking legs are blue-grey, black and white mottled; the margins are light coloured, especially posteriorly. Chelipeds white with fine black dendritic chromatophores dorsally; the palm, especially in the male, is mostly white, as are the ventral surfaces. Eyestalk brown; cornea black with gold flecks.


Under rocks in mud or around worm tubes, in burrows of Callianassa and Upogebia, in sand with Leptosynapta clarkii (sea cucumber) and with Amphiodia urtica (burrowing brittle star).



Port Levasheff, Unalaska, to Morro Bay, California; intertidal to 146 m.
Distribution In British Columbia

Ubiquitous; small individuals common but large have been collected only in northern waters.

Status Information

Origin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
BC Ministry of Environment: BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer--the authoritative source for conservation information in British Columbia.

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