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Plutella xylostella
Diamone Back Moth
Family: Plutellidae
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Distribution of Plutella xylostella in British Columbia
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A serious, leaf-mining pest species that feeds on crucifers (canola, mustard, radish, cabbage, broccoli). In March 2013, it was reported from bell pepper plants in the Fraser Valley, a crop it normally avoids.

This is a narrow-looking, small, grey/brown species of moth (about 1/2" in length) with white/yellow (diamond) patterning on the forewings wings that is noticeable when the wings are folded. Larvae are green. The species is cold-intolerant but can appear in large numbers in Canada in the spring (BC Ministry of Agriculture 2013).

Status Information

Origin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
NativeSNRNo StatusNot Listed
BC Ministry of Environment: BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer--the authoritative source for conservation information in British Columbia.

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