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Polioptila caerulea (Linnaeus, 1766)
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
Family: Polioptilidae
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Distribution of Polioptila caerulea in British Columbia
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The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher has rarely but regularly been recorded on the south coast of B.C., primarily in the fall, with records increasing dramatically during the past decade. The species is now close to annual in the province at this time of year, often occurring in association with flocks of Bushtits, chickadees, and other small passerines. Most records are presumed to pertain to the western North American subspecies P.c.amoenissima, which breeds north as far as extreme southern Oregon and Idaho, but a few birds may be of the widespread eastern subspecies P.c.caerulea.

1.(1) adult; November 10-11, 1963; Uplands Park, Victoria
2.(1) adult; December 30, 1979; Chesterman’s Beach, near Tofino
3.(1) adult; November 19-December 1, 1981; Kitsilano Park, Vancouver
4.(1) adult; October 24, 1984; Vancouver
5.(1) adult male; June 12-13, 1994; Bowen Island
6.(1) adult male; August 5-18, 2002; Rocky Point, Metchosin
7.(1) adult male; June 29, 2005; Port Alberni
8.(1) adult male; December 14, 2005; Chilliwack
9.(1) adult female; September 4, 2006; Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Ladner
10.(1) adult; November 14-23, 2006; Nakusp
11.(1) adult female; September 25, 2007; Shirley, northwest of Sooke
12.(1) adult female; October 28, 2007; Esquimalt Lagoon, Victoria

Note Authors: Rick Toochin and Jamie Fenneman

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Origin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
NativeSNAAccidentalNot Listed
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