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   Scientific Name
Family Common Name Atlas Page
   Artemia franciscana
Artemiidae  San Francisco Brine Shrimp 
No Image Available   Branchinecta campestris
Branchinectidae  Pocket Pouch Fairy Shrimp 
   Branchinecta gigas
Branchinectidae  Giant Fairy Shrimp 
   Branchinecta mackini
Branchinectidae  Alkali Fairy Shrimp 
   Eubranchipus bundyi
Chirocephalidae  Knobbedlip Fairy Shrimp 
   Eubranchipus hesperius
Chirocephalidae  Western Ethologist Fairy Shrimp 
   Eubranchipus intricatus
Chirocephalidae  Smoothlip Fairy Shrimp 
   Eubranchipus oregonus
Chirocephalidae  Oregon Fairy Shrimp 
   Lepidurus couesii
Triopsidae  Coues Tadpole Shrimp 
   Lynceus brachyurus
Lynceidae  Holarctic Clam Shrimp 
   Lynceus mucronatus
Lynceidae  Hookleg Clam Shrimp 
   Polyartemiella hazeni
Polyartemiidae  Antlered Fairy Shrimp