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   Scientific Name
Family Common Name Atlas Page
   Anodonta kennerlyi
Unionidae  Western Floater 
   Anodonta nuttalliana
Unionidae  Winged Floater 
   Anodonta oregonensis
Unionidae  Oregon Floater 
   Corbicula fluminea
Cyrenidae  Asian Clam 
   Gonidea angulata
Unionidae  Western Ridge Mussel 
   Lampsilis siliquoidea
Unionidae  Fatmucket 
   Margaritifera falcata
Margaritiferidae  Western Pearlshell 
   Musculium lacustre
Sphaeriidae  Lake Fingernailclam 
   Musculium partumeium
Sphaeriidae  Swamp Fingernailclam 
No Image Available   Musculium securis
Sphaeriidae  Pond Fingernailclam 
   Musculium transversum
Sphaeriidae  Long Fingernailclam 
   Pisidium casertanum
Sphaeriidae  Ubiquitous Peaclam 
   Pisidium compressum
Sphaeriidae  Ridgebeak Peaclam 
No Image Available   Pisidium conventus
Sphaeriidae  Alpine Peaclam 
No Image Available   Pisidium fallax
Sphaeriidae  River Peaclam 
No Image Available   Pisidium ferrugineum
Sphaeriidae  Rusty Peaclam 
   Pisidium idahoense
Sphaeriidae  Giant Northern Peaclam 
No Image Available   Pisidium insigne
Sphaeriidae  Tiny Peaclam 
   Pisidium lilljeborgi
Sphaeriidae  Lilljeborg Peaclam 
No Image Available   Pisidium milium
Sphaeriidae  Quadrangular Peaclam 
   Pisidium nitidum
Sphaeriidae  Shiny Peaclam 
   Pisidium rotundatum
Sphaeriidae  Fat Peaclam 
No Image Available   Pisidium simplex
Sphaeriidae  Perforated Peaclam 
   Pisidium subtruncatum
Sphaeriidae  Shortended Peaclam 
   Pisidium variabile
Sphaeriidae  Triangular Peaclam 
   Pisidium ventricosum
Sphaeriidae  Globular Peaclam 
No Image Available   Sphaerium nitidum
Sphaeriidae  Arctic Fingernailclam 
   Sphaerium occidentale
Sphaeriidae  Herrington Fingernailclam 
No Image Available   Sphaerium patella
Sphaeriidae  Rocky Mountain Fingernailclam 
   Sphaerium rhomboideum
Sphaeriidae  Rhomboid Fingernailclam 
   Sphaerium simile
Sphaeriidae  Grooved Fingernailclam 
No Image Available   Sphaerium striatinum
Sphaeriidae  Striated Fingernailclam