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Latrodectus hesperus  (Western Black Widow)

Photo of Latrodectus hesperus by Bryan Kelly-McArthur
© Bryan Kelly-McArthur (Photo ID #101475)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location West Kelowna BC Photographer Bryan Kelly-McArthur
Habitat vegetable garden
Photo Date June 03, 2017 Upload Date June 17, 2017
Elevation (m) 484
UTM Zone # 11 Latitude
UTM Easting 315703 Longitude
UTM Northing 5526620 Photo ID # 101475
Notes immature female spider arrived in Moberly BC pre winter on garden produce from West Kelowna. Kept as study subject and released in Vernon area post winter. Spider moulted twice in captivity. Image shows mature female

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