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Adelges cooleyi  (True Bug)

Photo of Adelges cooleyi by Bryan Kelly-McArthur
© Bryan Kelly-McArthur (Photo ID #103651)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Pedley Pass BC Photographer Bryan Kelly-McArthur
Habitat Picea engelmannii
Photo Date August 23, 2017 Upload Date August 31, 2017
Elevation (m) 1973
UTM Zone # 11 Latitude
UTM Easting 586309 Longitude
UTM Northing 5589459 Photo ID # 103651
Notes gall on primary host plant ( Picea engelmannii) formed by young female nymphs which hatched from eggs laid on lateral twigs then migrated to feed at base of new terminal needle growth. This feeding causes abnormal plant cell development which results in a gall forming which then surrounds them. ID confirmed by Michael Murray and Dr Lorraine Maclauchlan FLNR Govt BC

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