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Empidonax difficilis  (Pacific-Slope Flycatcher)

Photo of Empidonax difficilis by Douglas Leighton
© Douglas Leighton (Photo ID #108614)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Gold R Arm, Kinbasket Lk NW of Donald, BC Photographer Douglas Leighton
Habitat mostly deciduous forest and shrubs, avalanche paths
Photo Date June 18, 2014 Upload Date January 14, 2018
Elevation (m) 950
UTM Zone # Latitude 51.705402
UTM Easting Longitude -117.64904
UTM Northing Photo ID # 108614
Notes breeding habitat; this is the most consistent accessible site for this species that I have found in the Golden area; it has suitable north facing cliffs for nesting and an absence of Hammond's Flycatchers

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