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Neotamias amoenus  (Yellow-Pine Chipmunk)

Photo of Neotamias amoenus by Rosemary Taylor
© Rosemary Taylor (Photo ID #11116)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Hollyburn Peak, West Vancouver Photographer Rosemary Taylor
Habitat Montane
Photo Date September 24, 2009 Upload Date June 05, 2010
Elevation (m) 1311
UTM Zone # Latitude
UTM Easting Longitude
UTM Northing Photo ID # 11116
Notes Although this chipmunk had been reported in the area of Hollyburn mountain, it apparently had not been photographed. I was told that this was the first documented evidence of the chipmunk's presence. I have no way of knowing if other photos already exist, I can only report what I've heard from those who know this area well.

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