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Meleagris gallopavo  (Wild Turkey)

Photo of Meleagris gallopavo by <a href="http://www.adventurevalley.com/larry">Larry Halverson</a>
© Larry Halverson (Photo ID #121329)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Invermere, BC Photographer Larry Halverson
Habitat Urban
Photo Date March 09, 2019 Upload Date March 09, 2019
Elevation (m) 832
UTM Zone # 11 Latitude
UTM Easting 568666 Longitude
UTM Northing 5594464 Photo ID # 121329
Notes 52 wild turkeys roosting in large Douglas firs. Most flew down to ground at 9:30 am. One tom flew down around 8:30 and was displaying. Lots of vocalizing - clucks, yelps and rapid gurgling. Display also included a thump sound when wings were lowered followed by feather shivers. After a winter of roosting in the same trees the the branches become quite bare.

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