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Porcellio spinicornis  (Brockwork Woodlouse)

Photo of Porcellio spinicornis by <a href="http://www.adventurevalley.com/larry">Larry Halverson</a>
© Larry Halverson (Photo ID #122364)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Invermere,BC Photographer Larry Halverson
Habitat Urban - Under wood
Photo Date April 08, 2019 Upload Date April 08, 2019
Elevation (m) 833
UTM Zone # 11 Latitude
UTM Easting 568713 Longitude
UTM Northing 5594400 Photo ID # 122364
Notes There were a number of these under some old lumber on the ground. Interesting and true to its common name Brickwork Woodlouse they were above the patio bricks. They were motionless when the board was flipped over but soon scurried

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