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Glaucomys sabrinus  (Northern Flying Squirrel)

Photo of Glaucomys sabrinus by <a href="
http://shuswaplakephotos.wordpress.com/">Dawn Kellie</a>
© Dawn Kellie (Photo ID #14146)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Herman Lake Photographer Dawn Kellie
Habitat wetland marsh
Photo Date December 30, 2010 Upload Date July 09, 2011
Elevation (m) 900
UTM Zone # Latitude 50.9181213378906
UTM Easting Longitude -119.164360046387
UTM Northing Photo ID # 14146
Notes This Northern Flying Squirrel managed to get stuck between the window pane and the screen, after close inspection by all, it managed to escape, just as the ladder was put in place to help free it.

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