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Alcyonium sp.  (Soft Coral)

Photo of Alcyonium sp. by <a href="http://www.seastarsofthepacificnorthwest.info/">Neil McDaniel</a>
© Neil McDaniel (Photo ID #15671)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Browning Passage Photographer Neil McDaniel
Habitat subtidal, boulders/bedrock
Photo Date Upload Date January 04, 2012
Elevation (m) -5
UTM Zone # Latitude 50.8611111111111
UTM Easting Longitude -127.654166666667
UTM Northing Photo ID # 15671
Notes The Red Soft Coral is very abundant in strongly current-swept habitats such as Browning Passage, Race Rocks and Weynton Passage. It is also found in surge-swept habitats on the open coast. According to Dr. Catherine McFadden, this species is genetically similar to the red soft coral of the Canadian Arctic but different from the Orange Soft Coral of the Gulf Islands. In many references, this species is referred to as "Gersemia rubiformis". Identified by Dr. Gary Williams. See ZooKeys 283 (2013): 15-42.

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