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Leptasterias hexactis  (Six-Armed Star)

Photo of Leptasterias hexactis by Aaron Baldwin
© Aaron Baldwin (Photo ID #2058)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Sitka Sound, SE Alaska Photographer Aaron Baldwin
Habitat Mid-intertidal, under rocks
Photo Date Upload Date October 18, 2007
Elevation (m)
UTM Zone # Latitude
UTM Easting Longitude
UTM Northing Photo ID # 2058
Notes This huge and complex genus is still awaiting a massive genetic analysis to sort out the several species complexes. The L. hexactis complex is probably the most common, at least in BC and is practically identical to the L. alaskensis complex. The easiest way to distinguish the two is to look down the midline of each arm. L. hexactis has a row of larger round spines running down the arm, while L. alaskensis does not. However, I would not be one bit surprised to see a series with this character blended! Photo with Pentax Optio W10 underwater camera submerged in shallow aquarium.

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