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Coluber constrictor  (Western Yellow-Bellied Racer)

Photo of Coluber constrictor by <a href="http://www.adventurevalley.com/larry">Larry Halverson</a>
© Larry Halverson (Photo ID #2448)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Penticton Photographer Larry Halverson
Habitat sagebrush grassland
Photo Date May 17, 2007 Upload Date December 05, 2007
Elevation (m) 165
UTM Zone # Latitude
UTM Easting Longitude
UTM Northing Photo ID # 2448
Notes White Lake area. Located under cement guard rail. Western rattle snake Crotalus oreganus also using cement rails for shelter. Sagebrush grassland surrounded by hills forested with ponderosa pine forest

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