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Haliclystus stejnegeri  (Jellyfish)

Photo of Haliclystus stejnegeri by <a href="www.ronshimek.com">Ronald Shimek</a>
© Ronald Shimek (Photo ID #39397)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Blow Hole, North Shore Mills Peninsula, Trevor Channel, Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, BC. Photographer Ronald Shimek
Habitat Very high energy, high wave action, rocky shallow water habitat.
Photo Date July 09, 1985 Upload Date May 20, 2013
Elevation (m) -3
UTM Zone # Latitude 48.8094444444444
UTM Easting Longitude -125.184722222222
UTM Northing Photo ID # 39397
Notes The larger greenish Halicystus and the smaller reddish Manania were both attached to a blade of the red alga Iridea. The area is a very high energy environment that gets pounded by regular and almost continuous wave action.

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