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Antalis pretiosum  (Wampum Tuskshell)

Photo of Antalis pretiosum by <a href="www.ronshimek.com">Ronald Shimek</a>
© Ronald Shimek (Photo ID #39412)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Hammond Pass, Near Edward King Island, Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, BC. Photographer Ronald Shimek
Habitat High Energy (= much wave action) Shell Fragment Sand
Photo Date August 15, 1985 Upload Date May 21, 2013
Elevation (m) -20
UTM Zone # Latitude 48.8447222222222
UTM Easting Longitude -125.230833333333
UTM Northing Photo ID # 39412
Notes Antalis replaces the more familiar "Dentalium" as the genus of this animal. Dentalium as described by Linneaeus has longitudinal striae which are lacking in this species, therefore "pretiosum" belongs in Antalis, not Dentalium. This species lives in areas that get a lot of surge and wave action. The animals live completely buried in the sediments and if removed from the sediments rapidly rebury themselves in it.

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