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Cadulus tolmiei  (Tusk Shell)

Photo of Cadulus tolmiei by <a href="www.ronshimek.com">Ronald Shimek</a>
© Ronald Shimek (Photo ID #39415)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location From the deep hole in Sarita Bay, Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island. Photographer Ronald Shimek
Habitat Very Deep Water, soft mud.
Photo Date May 20, 1984 Upload Date May 21, 2013
Elevation (m) 200
UTM Zone # Latitude 48.895
UTM Easting Longitude -125.049166666667
UTM Northing Photo ID # 39415
Notes There are two species of Cadulus that can be collected from Barkley Sound, although it takes some effort. Both may be collected from Sarita Bay which has a very deep "hole" in it. They two species are found together. Cadulus californicus has a robust shell which is not translucent. Cadulus tolmiei has a thinner, haline shell which is almost transparent. The two species appear to have different diets, but that needs to be more fully investigated.

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