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Hemithiris psittacea  (Black Lamp Shell)

Photo of Hemithiris psittacea by <a href="http://www.seastarsofthepacificnorthwest.info/">Neil McDaniel</a>
© Neil McDaniel (Photo ID #66285)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Knight Inlet, BC Photographer Neil McDaniel
Habitat marine, subtidal
Photo Date April 05, 2014 Upload Date May 29, 2014
Elevation (m) -20
UTM Zone # Latitude 50.6675
UTM Easting Longitude -126.009166666667
UTM Northing Photo ID # 66285
Notes Black lamp shell (brachiopod). Uncommon on fjord walls at depths of -15 metres and deeper. Wide distribution: circumboreal, Greenland, Japan, Alaska to Oregon. Common on vertical walls in Knight Inlet.

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