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Nelima paessleri  (Harvestman)

Photo of Nelima paessleri by Bryan Kelly-McArthur
© Bryan Kelly-McArthur (Photo ID #78090)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Mt Swansea, Windermere BC Photographer Bryan Kelly-McArthur
Habitat mine tunnel
Photo Date May 06, 2015 Upload Date May 22, 2015
Elevation (m)
UTM Zone # Latitude 50.5088888888889
UTM Easting Longitude -115.950833333333
UTM Northing Photo ID # 78090
Notes ID by Rod Crawford Burke Museum Seattle via Robb Bennett. This species overwinters in natural cave or tunnel systems. There were numerous groups of harvestmen within 12m of the tunnel entrance. Leg span approx. 65 mm. Snow was still on ground at tunnel entrance. Image taken with flash

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