Chrysemys picta  (Painted Turtle)

Photo of Chrysemys picta by Herb Lee

© Herb Lee (Photo ID #16452)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Goose Lake, BC
Photographer Herb Lee
Habitat Frozen over lake
Photo Date March 28, 2012
Upload Date April 09, 2012
Elevation (m) 538
Latitude 50.327204
Longitude -119.276698
Photo ID # 16452
Comments Turtle walking over a frozen lake on Feb. 28th. Outside temperature +7. The ice was too thin to get a closer look. Full size image reviewed by Brent Matsuda: "Based on shape of the shell, I'd say it's a painted turtle....sliders don't tolerate cold as well as painted turtles do. Bruce Bury ...says that Painted turtles have been observed swimming under the ice in Michigan.