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Copyright: E-Fauna BC: Electronic Atlas of the Fauna of British Columbia. Maps coded by Dylan Trerise and Mike Martinescu.

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E-Flora BC's interactive web maps allow you to explore the distribution of a species in BC and throughout North America. In addition to displaying distribution records for each species you can turn layers off or on.

Click on the Layers icon to access this feature.

Click on the ▷ beside a layer name in order to show the sublayers that you can turn on or off.

To turn layers on or off, for example the GBIF Observation Records or the BEC Map, scroll down to that layer and simply click on the layer name itself or on the eye icon ( 👁 ) beside the layer name.

If you have any questions about our maps, please contact us.

Map icons

  • Click on any record ⏺ in order to view that record's details.
  • The cursor's coordinates are given in the bottom-right of the map
  • Click on the home button to return to the default extent of the map.
  • The Print button allows you to print the map.
  • The Basemap Gallery button allows you to change the background for the maps.
  • Bookmarks allow you to select particular views (e.g., centred on the Okanagan).
  • Layers allow you to turn on or off individual map layers (e.g., climate).
  • The double arrows (in either direction) close a window.
  • The three lines open a window.