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Calidris minuta (Leisler, 1812)
Little Stint
Family: Scolopacidae
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Species Information

A Little Stint (Calidris minuta) found in Boundary Bay, Delta: First Photographed Juvenile Record for British Columbia.
by Rick Toochin

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The Little Stint (Calidris minuta) is an old world shorebird species that breeds from Northwestern Norway across the central regions of Arctic Russia to central eastern Siberia on the Yana River Delta (Hayman et al. 1986, Rossair et al. 1995). Little Stints mostly migrate to winter in Africa with a small percentage of the population wintering from Bangladesh east around Coastal India to the Red Sea (Hayman et al. 1986). There are a number of areas where Little Stints are known to winter throughout the Mediterranean and some even stay the winter in Great Britain (Chandler 1989, Jonsson 1992, Hayman et al. 1986). This species is slowly increasing as a vagrant along the western and eastern coasts of North America, probably because our knowledge of the timing of migration has become much clearer, leading to more observations. All observations of Little Stint in British Columbia should be photographed whenever this beautiful shorebird is encountered.

British Columbia Records of Little Stint

1.(1) adult breeding plumage July 21, 1983: John Ireland, Brian M. Kautesk, Mike Force et al (FN) Iona Island Sewage Ponds, Richmond (Toochin 2012a)
2.(1) adult breeding plumage July 10, 1988: Brian M. Kautesk et al (FN) foot of 112th St., Boundary Bay, Delta (Toochin 2012a)
3.(1) adult breeding plumage July 17, 1988: Mike and Sharon Toochin (photo) Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood (Toochin and Fenneman 2008)
4.(1) adult faded breeding plumage August 18, 1991: Val George (FN) Riley Creek, Graham Island, QCI (P. Hamel Pers. Comm.)
5.(1) adult breeding plumage June 2-4, 1992: Dick Veit, Rick Toochin et al (photo) Iona Island Sewage Ponds, Richmond (Toochin 2008a)
6.(1) adult molting into winter plumage September 4, 1995: Dick Veit, Rick Toochin et al (FN) Iona Island Sewage Ponds, Richmond (Toochin 2012a)
7.(1) adult breeding plumage July 12, 1998: Dan G. Derbyshire, Warwick Redway (FN) RPBO, Metchosin (Toochin and Fenneman 2008)
8.(1) juvenile October 5-8, 1999: Rick Toochin, Dale Jensen, Stan Olson et al (FN) Iona Island South Jetty Tip and Sewage Ponds, Richmond (Toochin 2012a)
9.(1) adult breeding plumage July 27-28, 2003: Mike Toochin, Sharon Toochin et al (photo) Iona Island Sewage Ponds, Richmond (Toochin 2012a)
10.(1) juvenile September 11, 2004: Rick Toochin (FN) just east of 96th Street, Boundary Bay (Toochin 2012a)
12.(1) 2nd summer August 5, 2005: Rick Toochin (photo) well off 88th Street, Boundary Bay, Delta (Toochin 2012a)
13.(1) juvenile September 14-October 7, 2005: Rick Toochin et al (photo) just east of 96th Street, Boundary Bay, Delta (Toochin 2012a)
14.(1) adult breeding plumage July 19-22, 2006: Tom Plath et al (photo) Iona Island Sewage Ponds, Richmond (Toochin 2012a)
15.(1) adult breeding plumage August 2, 2008: Rick Toochin (photo) San Juan River Estuary, Port Renfrew (Toochin 2012b)
16.(1) juvenile August 30-31, 2008: Rick Toochin, Louis Haviland et al (FN) San Juan River Estuary, Port Renfrew (Toochin 2012b)
17.(1) adult breeding plumage May 4, 2011: Rick Toochin (photo) Chilliwack Central Road, Chilliwack (Toochin 2012c)
18.(1) adult breeding plumage July 18, 2011: Peter Hamel, Margo Hearne (FN) Sandspit, QCI (P. Hamel pers. comm.)

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Status Information

Origin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
NativeSNAAccidentalNot Listed
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