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Nyctinomops macrotis (Gray, 1840)
Big Free-tailed Bat
Family: Molossidae
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Distribution of Nyctinomops macrotis in British Columbia
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In British Columbia, this is an accidental species with only a single record based on an immature male specimen in the UBC collection that was captured in 1938 in New Westminster (Nagorsen pers. comm. 2012). "The capture of a specimen of this species at Essondale, closely adjacent to New Westminster, B.C. in November, 1938 establishes a new northern record for the species and it also puts this bat on the Canadian list for the first time. The bat flew into an open hospital window, was captured and brought to Professor G. J. Spencer of the University of British Columbia Department of Zoology." (McTaggart-Cowan 1945). Nagorsen (pers. comm. 2012) says: "It is a highly migratory bat in the US and given the date it is an accidental occurrence of a stray animal during the fall migration."

Status Information

Origin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
NativeSNAAccidentalNot Listed
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McTaggart-Cowan, Ian. 1945. The Free-tailed Bat, Tadarida macrotis, in British Columbia. Canadian Field-Naturalist July-August 1945, 149.

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