Research on the distribution of Azolla mexicana (Mexican mosquito-fern) in Canada, a red-listed species, was carried out in the Department of Geography.

Research on bioidiversity is conducted at the University of British Columbia in several departments and faculties.  These include the Geography Department (Faculty of Arts), the Biodiversity Research Centre (Faculty of Science), and the Centre for Applied Conservation Research (Faculty of Forestry).

Biodiversity Research in Geography

Three researchers in the Department of Geography focus on biogeography and biodiversity.  Their work includes research in plant ecology, arctic ecology, and the spatial analysis of biodiversity, and includes projects on individual species, communities and ecosystems, environmental change/climate change, conservation biology, human-ecosystem interactions, phytogeography, and predictive mapping of species at risk.  Visit faculty web sites: Greg Henry, Jennifer Williams and Brian Klinkenberg

Biodiversity Research at the Biodiversity Research Centre

Biodiversity research at the Research Centre covers a variety of disciplines, including  "ecology, evolution, and conservation of biological diversity...from genes to ecosystems through to interactions with society".  Visit the research centre web site for details on individual research areas.

Visit the Beaty Biodiversity Museum web site for additional information on biodiversity research collections at the University of British Columbia. The museum is part of the Biodiversity Research Centre.

Biodiversity Research at the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology

Biodiversity research at the Centre includes work on landscape ecology, applied ecology and evolution, and sustainable biodiversity.  Visit the Centre's web site for more details.


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