Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus), photo by Brian Klinkenberg

Citizen science projects are variable in nature, but can include detailed geographic and georeferenced information.  In BC, they are growing in number and take several different forms.  The following citizen science projects are multi-year projects that are founded on a basis of data accuracy, with species vouchering and confirmation of data by experts:

  • The British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas -- citizen scientists are contributing detailed georeferenced data about BC's breeding birds.  This is a substantive study of breeding bird distributions in the province, and is providing key insights into breeding areas and populations for many species.   Accuracy of data gathering is highlighted by project coordinators.
  • The Whistler Biodiversity Project --this was BC's first Bioblitz project and is founded on considerable involvement of experts, and vouchering and confirmation of records. It is a multi-year project that include georeferenced species records. View a video of the Whistler Bioblittz 2007 and 2008
  • E-Flora BC: the Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia --this ongoing project is based upon vouchered and confirmed records of plant, lichen and fungi species documented in British Columbia, as well as photographic records vetted by a team of experts. All records are geo-referenced.

Additonal citizen science projects in BC include:

  • Metchosin Biodiversity Project. Visit the web site.
  • Bioblitz for Cheam Lake Wetlands. Read the report here .
  • Bioblitz for West Creek Wetlands.  Read the report here .
  • Report -a-Weed, a system of volunteer contributed records for nvasive species in BC that is observation based. 

Read  more about Volunteered Geographic Information and Biodiversity, and the importance of data accuracy.

Please  let us know  if you are aware of other citizen science projects in BC.

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