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Striped Nudibranch (Armina californica), photo by Derek Holzapfel

Static Maps:

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Interactive Maps:

The E-Fauna BC interactive maps are based on databases of specimen collections obtained from several data providers, including the Royal BC Museum, GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), the Smithsonian, the Canadian National Collection, and individual expert databases (see list below). Errors or omissions should be reported directly to the data provider so they can correct and update their databases. Corrections will show on our maps the next time we update that database. Contact information for our data providers is listed below.

Data Providers

Species Group E-Fauna Database Name Source
All groups Beaty Biodiversity Museum Collection Records UBC
Arthropods Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN) SCAN_BUGS
Birds BC Breeding Bird Atlas Records BSC
Birds BC Marine Bird Atlas Records BCMBA
Birds BC Coastal Waterbirds Survey Records CWS
Birds eBird Observation Records eBrid
Freshwater Mussels Canadian Museum of Nature Collection Records GBIF
Herptiles Canadian Museum of Nature Collection Records GBIF
Herptiles Herpnet (now part of VertNet) VertNet
Herptiles Royal BC Museum Collection Records RBCM
Invertebrates Invert E Base (new 2021) InvertEBase
Land Snails Canadian Museum of Nature Collection Records GBIF
Land Snails Robert Forsyth Collection Records RGF
Land Snails Royal BC Museum Collection Records RBCM
Lepidoptera Canadian National Collection (CNC) Records GBIF
Lepidoptera Crispin Guppy Collection Records GBIF
Lepidoptera Multiple Institutions Collection Records GBIF
Lepidoptera Norbert Kondla Collection Records GBIF
Lepidoptera Royal BC Museum Collection Records GBIF
Lepidoptera Butterflies of British Columbia Records CG
Mosquitoes Canadian National Collection (CNC) Records GBIF
Mosquitoes University of Northern BC Collection Records UNBC
Odonata CNT Odonata Collection Records
Odonata Royal BC Museum Collection Records RBCM
Ticks Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Collection Records Canadian National Collection (CNC)
Ticks Centre for Coastal Health Collection Records Centre for Coastal Health


We would like to thank the following partners: the British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas, the Canadian Wildlife Service, the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, BC Nature, BC Field Ornithologists, the Beaty Bidoveristy Museum, the Biodiversity Centre for Wildlife Studies, and the Pacific Wildlife Foundation, as well Bird Studies Canada for supplying British Columbia Coastal Waterbirds Survey data, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for supplying eBird Canada data.

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