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Beaded Lancetooth (Ancotreme sportella). Photo by Robert Forsyth

E-Fauna BC is volunteer-driven, collaborative atlas project developed by the Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the University of British Columbia, with the assistance of many supporting partners, volunteer scientists, and photographers.  It is this collaboration that is the backbone of E-Fauna BC, and that ensures that the information E-Fauna BC provides is scientifically accurate and substantive.

Visit our acknowledgements page for a complete list of participants, including E-Fauna authors, programmers, funders, and volunteers.

What is the Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis (LASA)?

LASA is a research lab that focuses on spatial analysis, including GIS, remote sensing and other geospatial technologies. Spatial analysis is inherently interdisciplinary, so research focuses on both physical and human geography. Researchers in the lab currently work towards understanding and insights in many key areas, including

  • geospatial technologies (remote sensing and elephant studies, spatial data mining),
  • biogeography and conservation biology (exploring the decline of yellow-cedar in BC, predictive mapping of rare species),
  • biodiversity informatics and biodiversity atlassing (E-Flora BC, E-Fauna BC),
  • medical biogeography of human pathogens (predicting outbreaks of West Nile virus, and determinants of tick-borne zoonosis),
  • social geography (data mining and Mexican election results, public participation and the GeoWeb, volunteer geographic information).

In E-Fauna BC, we bring together the power of geospatial technologies and substantial data gathering and research by many individuals to present a comprehensive picture of the biodiversity of British Columbia.

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