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The insects of british columbia

Praying Mantis (Mantis religiosa), photo by Diane Williamson

The largest groups of organisims in the world are insects and, while insects are invertebrates, they are such a large group that we have given them their own section in E-Fauna BC. We provide introductions to the orders and families of insects found in BC, along with keys to the famlies. These introductions are primarily extracted from the three-volume book manuscript by Geoff Scudder and Rob Cannings: The Insect Families of British Columbia. The authors have kindly provided this manuscript so we can bring their work online. Additional insect introductions have been provided by Peter Belton (Mosquitoes), Crispin Guppy (Butterflies), Staffan Lindgren (Ants), and Rob Vandermoor (Moths). Browse the introductions to learn more about this diverse group. Visit the E-Fauna insect photo gallery.


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