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Help on using the photo gallery

Our photo gallery features include the ability to:

  1. search for photos of a particular species or genus,
  2. to search for a photographer, or
  3. create your own photo gallery--develop a photo comparison page that allows you to view photos of different species or genera on the same pages. 

See below for a brief discussion on how to use each of these.

1. Search for a species or genus  

The E-Fauna photo gallery has several search features.  You can search for a species by common name or by scientific name by typing in the names in the appropriate search boxes.  Or you can using our scrolling menu to select names to view. If you are searching by common name, here are a few tips:

  • Common names currently have no international standards and vary from publication to publication, and from region to region.  This can make searching for a species by its common name challenging.  If your search produces no results, try the following:
    • If a common name of a species is sometimes hyphenated and varies from publication to publication, try adding or removing the hyphen.
    • Sometimes common names appear as single word or two words.  Try variations of the name
      If you common name has two words in it, try dropping the first one and searching for the second (probably more general) word.  This may give you a return of many species that use that word, and yours could be among them.
    • If your search still give no return, try searching the web for your species to find alternate common names for it, or check local publications to see what name they give your species.

2. Search for a photographer

Use the scrolling menu in the search box at the bottom of the gallery page to locate the photographer you are interested in.

3. Create your own photo gallery or comparison page

The photo comparison feature is a powerful new E-Fauna tool that allows you to develop your own photo galleries in order to compare species, genera or families.  Using it is quite simple, and it can be used in several ways:  you can select a series of photos to view, and you can then modify this by removing unwanted photos. To compare a series of photos:

Step 1: Select the photos you wish to compare.  Do this by clicking the button beneath each photo that says "Select this photo". You can select one or more photos from a page and/or you can select photos from multiple pages.  Go through the gallery clicking on the selection button for all of the photos you wish to compare.  When you have made your selections, go to Step 2 below. If you select a photo by mistake, simply click on the "Clear this selected photo" to deselect it.

Step 2:  When you are ready to develop your own personal comparison photo gallery, click on the button in the search box (at the bottom of the page) that says "Show all selected photos".   This will produce a display of your selected photos.  When you are finished viewing your display and want to return to the main photo gallery, go to Step 3 below.

Step 3: You can clear your search by clicking on the button that says "Clear all selected photos"  in the search box that appears at the bottom of the gallery page.  Use this button anytime in the gallery to clear your selections.

To modify or change the photos in your comparison page or personal photo gallery:

If you have created your own photo gallery or comparison page, but would like to remove a photo in order to narrow your comparison, this is quite simple.  Just click on the button immediately beneath the photo you wish to remove ( "Clear this selected photo"), then go to Step 2 in the search box at the bottom of the page and click again on the button that says "Show all Selected Photos".  This will display your new selection.  This will refresh your personal gallery page and show you only the remaining selected photos.

At any time, if you wish to return to the full E-Fauna photo gallery, this is quite simple.  First, click on the "Clear all selected photos" button in the search box at the bottom of the gallery page. Then click on the button that says "Show photos for all species". 

you encounter any difficulties or if you have any questions about the Photo Gallery.

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