Mapping Species Distributions


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To enable cookies within older versions of Internet Explorer (6)

Select Tools and then Internet Options....

Although setting the Privacy setting to Medium should enable the E-Flora and E-Fauna cookies to be set, you may have to go to Advanced settings to set the session cookies explicitly.

Within Advanced Privacy Settings, ensure that Always allow session cookies is checked. Click on OK to close the window and return to E-Flora.


To enable cookies within newer versions of Internet Explorer (7 & 8)

Depending on how IE 7 or 8 have been configured, you can either select Tools and Internet Options from the traditional Menu Bar:

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or, select Tools and Internet Options from the Command Bar (located in the right side of the screen):

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Next, select Privacy and then click on Advanced

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Finally, select Accept First-party Cookies and Always allow session cookies. Click on OK to close the window and return to E-Flora.

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Setting cookies in Firefox

Click on Tools, and then on Options:

Next, click on Privacy and then check Accept cookies from sites, and Accept third-party cookies.

Click on OK and you should be able to upload photos, and view the species-specific galleries in the Photo Gallery.


Setting cookies in Safari

Click on Edit and then select Preferences...

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Next, select Security and ensure that cookies are accepted Only from sites that you navigate to (safer), or select Always. (Both settings will work.) Click on the [x] to return to E-Flora.

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If you are using AOL, here are instructions on how to set your cookies (provided by AOL). For Shaw Secure you need to temporarily unblock the IE shield (a menu choice under Tools), make the changes to your cookie settings (as described above), and then Lock IE Settings.


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